Department of Corporate Secretaryship :

History Of The Course
In the year 1974 the Department of Company Affairs has made amendment in the Indian Companies Act 1956, regarding the introduction of the degree course named Corporate Secretaryship. This came into effect in 1975 with an objective to avoid and to prevent the lacking & non-compliance of the Companies Act by the Directors.

Shree Chandraprabhu Jain College was established in 1997 by Shree Chandraprabhu Jain Educational Foundation. Our college started B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)course from the academic year 1998.

About the Department
The department is equipped with highly qualified, competent and well-trained faculty members who have expertise in their respective fields namely with workshops, seminars,industrial visits and institutional training. We focus on a better curriculum in order to produce well qualified professionals who are abreast with all aspects of corporate sector.

Our curriculum is to provide best knowledge for the individuals to get them shaped as entry/mid level professionals in the corporate sector. We also provide real world perspective and institutional details, which will enable the students to understand the corporate sector vividly.

About The Course
The students of our department get practical exposure in Secretarial, Legal, Finance, Accounts, Personnel and Administration areas. The students are given training for a period of six weeks in reputed corporated organizations. The programme is designed to give an insight in the areas of General Management, Corporate Accounts, Corporate Laws and Human Resource Management. It is a full-time regular degree course of three years duration consisting of six semesters.

Any HSC/+2 passed student with an aptitude for Corporate Administration can get his/her enrollment in this degree course.

The Course will make the students competent taking up wide range of responsible positions in the Secretarial, Legal, Accounts, Personnel, Administrative, Security Market Analyst, Share Dealer, Fund Manager, Company Consultant and Tax Planning sectors. The course also covers modules on Capital Market, Mutual Funds etc.


Faculty Members
S.No Faculty Name Designation Qualification Experience
1 Dr. (Mrs.) N.Sujatha Asst. Prof. & Head M.Com.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,SET 21 Years
2 Mr. C. Murugan Asst. Prof M.Com.,M.Phil., 9 Years
3 Mr. V.Sriram Asst. Prof M.Com.,M.Phil., 2 Years
4 Ms.R.Vinitha Asst. Prof  M.Com.,M.Phil., 1 Month
Faculty Members
S.No Student’s Name Year & Batch Title Paper
1 R.Sudharsan III Year-2007 CAMEL – A technique of performance measurement
2 B.Kokila III Year-2007 EXIM bank vs Indian Exporters
3 C.Balaji III Year-2007 Electronic Clearance System
4 A.Vaigai III Year-2007 SMS Banking
5 M.Loganathan III Year-2007 Prospects in the Bamking Service Sector
6 R.Prakash II Year-2007 NABARD – A Source of lending to self Help Groups
7 S.Sathya III Year-2007 Prospects in the Bamking Service Sector
8 M.Viveka II Year-2007 State Bank of India
9 B.Rekha II Year-2007 ICICI – Personal Loans
10 N.Suresh II Year-2007 Core Business of Banking Industry
11 N.Nanthini II Year-2007 Role of Banks in Economic Development
12 S.Divya II Year-2007 ICICI Bank – ATM Card & Insurance
13 R.Abinandhan II Year-2007 Is Privatization – A Bane on the Indian Economy
14 N.Karthik II Year-2007 Is Privatization – A Boon on the Indian Economy
15 V.J.Asha I Year-2007 Recent trends in the Banking Sector
16 S.Mahesh I Year-2007 Precautions while banking with Co.Operatives Banks
17 S.Udhayanandhini I Year-2007 ATM Services
18 S.Manikanadan I Year-2007 The usage of Credit Card in this modern world
19 S.Balaji I Year-2007 Co Operative banks for sustainable agricultural developments
20 G.Deepak I Year-2007 Role of Banks in Exchange Rates in India
21 V.Tamilselvi I Year-2007 Privatization & Developed Countries
22 S.Shashikala kumari I Year-2007 Privatization of Public Enterprises in India- An Overall view
23 M.Nikky Raj I Year-2007 Privatization – An instrument of Public Enterprise reforms for Indian Economics Development
24 K.Banupriya I Year-2007 Privatization in Developing Countries
25 M.Viveka III Year-2008 SWOT on Retail Marketing
26 B.Rekha III Year-2008 Organized Retailing in India Challenges Ahead
27 S.Sathya III Year-2008 Emerging Retail Trends
28 S.Divya III Year-2008 Analysis on Retail Sector
29 K.Lakshmi III Year-2008 Prospectus of India Retailing
30 K.Rani III Year-2008 Growth of Hyber Markets and Malls
31 M.Nadhini III Year-2008 Strategies for Rural Retailing
32 N.Karthick III Year-2008 FDI Retailing
33 K.N.Lakshmi Moorthy III Year-2008 Challenges in Retail Marketing
34 V.J.Asha III Year-2008 Retail Marketing – Threats
35 S.N.Lavanya III Year-2008 Retail Marketing – Strength
36 S.Magesh II Year-2008 Consumer Preference in Retailing
37 S.Shasikala Kumari II Year-2008 Linking Case with Retail Market
38 M.Nikky Raj II Year-2008 The Story behind Indian Retail Market
39 P.B Kanchana Mala I Year-2008 A Note on SWOT Analysis
40 S.Leelavathy I Year-2008 SWOT Analysis on Retailing
41 S.Prabhakaran I Year-2008 Attitude & Strength Retailing
42 S.Dinesh I Year-2008 How to adopt SWOT Analysis?
43 K.S.Suresh Kumar I Year-2008 Opportunities of Retailing in India
44 R.Pandu Ranga Rao I Year-2008 Competitor Analysis on Retailing
45 P.Janani I Year-2008 SWOT Analysis on Retail Market
46 S.Parthiban I Year-2008 Significance of SWOT on Retaining
47 K.Banu Priya III Year-2009 Financial Ethics
48 V.J Asha III Year-2009 Corporate Ethics and Accountability
49 S.Susistra III Year-2009 Globalization of Ethics
50 N.Indumathi III Year-2009 Ethics for Entrepreneurs
51 S.Radhikia II Year-2009 Introduction of Business Ethics
52 S.Sandhiya I Year-2009 Business Ethics & Moral Values
53 M.Nadetha I Year-2009 Principle of Business Ethics
54 H.Chitra III Year-2010 Impact of the decision in operating performance
55 N.Kalidoss III Year-2010 Marketing Organization & Marco Environment
56 P.Janani III Year-2010 The Business Environment of Organization
57 S.Prabhakaran III Year-2010 International Business Environment
58 R.Vidhya III Year-2010 Macro trends of Business Environment
59 S.Hemalatha III Year-2010 Factors Influencing Business Environment

Department Activities :

1. We have conducted seminar on “Intoduction to Financial Markets” on 12th October 2011. Mr.V.Muthu Krishnan, Branch-in-charge,  India Infoline Ltd , Adyar, was the Chief Guest and Mr. A.Prakash, Head of Equity, Adyar Branch, India Infoline Ltd was the Guest of Honour. Both shared the details of share market and nearly 200 students of our department attended this function.

2. The department has conducted a seminar on “Role of Directors in the Mitigation of Corporate Frauds” on 11th September 2009. Mr.N.Renganathan, Former Company Secretary, Karur Vysya Bank was the resource person.

3. The Department organized Career Counselling and Pre-Placement Training – An Introductory Programme for the final year students on 13th October 2008. A group of professionals from the Careers Junctions Pvt. Ltd., has delivered a special address on the topics – Personality Development, Communication Skills, Interview Based Soft Skills, Career Opportunities etc.,

4. A Career Counseling Programme on Telemarketing was also held on March 09, 2007.

Industrial Visit :

Our Department has also organised for a one-day Industrial Visit to “Amrutanjan Ltd” at Mylapore for our final year students.