Department of Economics


About The Department

Introduction of The Department

The objective of department is to enhance the student’s personality, knowledge, skill, abilities and values by promoting study and research in Economics.


The BA (Corporate Economics) course is open to students who have passed higher secondary board exam conducted by the government or equivalent examination with Economics, Commerce, Accounts, Business Maths, History etc.,


The Department of Economics was established right from the inception of this college – (since 1998 ). The Department emerged as a major department offering UG course in Economics – (B.A.Corp.Economics) since June-2010 to open up the minds of young aspirants to become the future Economists. The main object of B.A (Corp. Economics) course is meeting the growing demand for Economists from the Corporate world. The Department intends to enable the students to analyse the business environment and its impact on the corporate firm. With Economic Policies deciding the fate of every country and its people, knowledge of Economics places a person in an advantageous position.

Highlights of the Programme:

As part of the B.A. Programme and Madras University Regulations, the Department offers specialized subjects on Statistics for Economists, International Economics, Cost and Management Accounting, Principles of Management, and Marketing. This course offers tremendous scope to step into the Corporate World as Economic Analysts, Market Researchers, Accountants, Human Resource personnel, Marketing personnel. Even in Banking and Financial sectors there is a great demand for economists. The students can also pursue MS (Economics), MBA, CA, ICWAI, MA, B.L., Business Journalism or Civil Services, after finishing the course.

1.Focus of the Course:

As technological advances continue to expand, improved economic education will result in more productive and vibrant economic communities. Economic education helps to understand the working of the economy and financial system and it becomes inevitable for building bridges between educators, business and consumers. Therefore, the college is proud to have introduced a Bachelor Degree course in Corporate Economics to redress the above need. The course is designed to open up the minds of the young aspirants to become future economists. The demand in Government agencies such as Economic and Planning Departments, Public Sector undertakings, Banks and MNC s as Corporate Economic Advisor can be met by pursuing Post Graduate and Doctoral Program in Economics.

Faculty Member Details :

S.No Faculty Name Designation Qualification Experience
1 Major.Dr.M.Venkataramanan Asst.Prof., & Head, Principal. M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D., 33 Years
2 Dr.(Ms.) Santhosh D Surana Asst.Prof ., M.A.,MBA.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,   7 Years
3 Mr.S.Prabhu Asst. Prof., M.A., MBA.,M.Phil., SET   7 Years

Department Activities :

1.Field trips/ excursions:

The department organizes field trips relating to course work from time to time. It also takes electronics and communication science students on a study tour and industrial visit to observe field of higher learning, research activities in electronics and industrial production related to physics.


Students are given opportunities to take seminars from time to time for further personality development for their future career and also to attend the workshops, symposia, PPT presentation, debate etc., in related subjects organized in the college and elsewhere.

Departmental Activities
S.No Date/Year Program Organized Topic Chief guest graced the occasion
1 2005-06 Department of Economics Impact of Globalization an Indian Economy Dr.G.ponnusamy Prof.in Economics Pachaiyappa’s college Chennai-30.
2 2007-08 Department of Humanities (Brain Hub 2007) 1.A Qualitative perspective of public & private Banks in India2. Is Privatization – A Boon or Bane on Indian Economy? Dr.Jayantilal Jain General Manager, Indian Bank
3 2009-10 Department of Economics Impact of climatic change on Agricultural Production. Mrs. Chandra Retd.Prof.of Economics Department of Economics, U.D.college Trichy.
4 2010-11 Department of Economics A Career Guidance & Counseling Programme on ICWAI course. Dr.Raju iyer
5 2011 -12 Department of Economics(ECSPARK-2011) The Impact of Global Economic Crisis on Indian Economy. 1. Dr.S.Thangaraj Prof. Dept.of .Economics, University of madras.2.Dr.R.Balasubramaniyan Associate Prof.Dept.of Economics, D.G.Vaishnav college.
6 2012-13 Department of Economics(ECSPARK-2012) The Impact of FDI on Indian Retail Market – A Boon Or Bane. Dr.S.Malaini Prof.of.Dept.of.Economics Ethiraj Women’s college Chennai.