Department of Mathematics :


About the Department :

“Mathematics is the Queen and servant of the Sciences” – Karl Friendrich Gauss. a degree in Mathematics opens doors to a very wide range of scope.

The Students would be able to pursue higher studies in the areas of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science or take up a career in application of Mathematics.

It gives career opportunities in scientific research design and development, management services and Computing, Financial Work, Statistical Work, Teaching and P.G. Studies . A degree in Mathematics does not train you for a specific job rather it gives a range of skills which enables you to enter any of a wide range of careers.

Focus Of The Course :

After the degree there are many opportunities to acquire more specialized expertise. The B.Sc(Mathematics) degree holder could be employed in a government or private research organization, banking or financial institutions, insurance campanies, Engineering Services, Software Development, Telecommunication, Market Research and analysis and Educational Institutions.

Faculty Members Details
S.No Faculty Name Designation Qualification Experience
1 Mr.S.Muthukkumar Asst.Prof & Head M.Sc.,M.Phil.,M.Ed., 16 Years & 3 Months
2 Mrs.A.Ezhilarasi Asst. Prof M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., 13 Years
3 Mrs.S.Vijayachitra Asst. Prof M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,(Ph.D.,) 11 Years & 6 Months
4 Mr.S.Rajalingam Asst. Prof M.Sc., 3 Years
5 Mr.S.Sunith Babu Asst. Prof M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., 4 Years
6 Ms.B.Manohari Asst. Prof M.Sc.,M.Phil., 3 Months
7 Ms.S.Vanitha Asst. Prof M.Sc.,M.Phil., On Probation
8 Ms.N.Rubiga Asst. Prof M.Sc., On Probation

Exemplary Performance Of The Students :

Achievements Of The Department :

Department Activities :

One day seminar on “Bio Mathematics” has been conducted in the year 2006. One day seminar on “application of Mathematics” has been conducted in the year 2007. A two day workshop on “Mathematical Modeling” for P.G teachers and P.G Studetns has been conducted in the year 2008.

Published the following books

  1. Algebraic Structures-I for B.Sc., Mathematics 5th Semester. ISBN 81-908007-3-6.
  2. Algebraic Stuctures-II for B.Sc., Mathematics 6th semester. ISBN 81-908007-3-6
  3. Business Statictics for B.Com(Gen),B.Com(CS),B.Com(A/F), B.B.A(ISM) ISBN 81-908007-3-6.
  • Mrs.S.Vijayachitra, Asst.Professor of Mathematics presented papers on  Collage on Partial Words at the International Conference held at Stella Maris College, Chennai on 09.03.12 &10.03.12  & attended one day workshop on Research tools and Techniques at Madras Christian college, Tambaram on 08.08.2014.