Department Of Physics/Elect.& Comm. Science:


The bloom of the year 2004, the department of physics was started for the allied students. For the further development of the department, introduced Bachelor of Science in Physics in the year 2005. The vision of the department is to provide quality education to the students who would meet the higher standards related to the industrial needs, we introduced new course like Electronics and Communication Science in the academic year 2010.

This is a three years engineering course in Electronics communication to give an opportunities to the students to utilize the engineering skill from the B.Sc level.


B.Sc Electronics and Communication Science is an undergraduate Electronic course. This course includes analysis and design of electronics, Communications and Computer Systems, as well as navigational aids and industrial electronics and control systems.


  • The course is beneficial for further studies such as M.Sc., M.Phil., and Ph.d.
  • Apart from higher studies and projects, it is beneficial to avail job opportunities in manufacturing industries and service organizations such as broadcasting, consulting, data communication, entertainment, research, development and system support.
  • National thermal power corporation, Indian space research organization, oracle, Wipro etc., is the firms where the b.sc holders in electronics can search for job opportunities.


This course is open to students who have passed higher secondary board exam conducted by the government of tamilnadu or equivalent examination, having physics and mathematics as major subjects.


  • Well equipped classrooms and high-tech laboratories.
  • Separate labs for Electronics & Physics
  • Sophisticated and latest equipments in the lab like AFO’s, CRO’s, Microprocessor kits, Microcontroller Kits, Digital Trainer Kits etc.
Faculty Members
S.No Faculty Name Designation Qualifcation Experience
1 Mrs.S.R.Gomathy   Asst.Prof. & Head M.Sc.,M.Phil., 7 Years
2   Mrs.I.Sivagami Asst. Prof M.Sc., 4 Years
3 Mrs.R.Durgadevi Asst. Prof M.Sc., 4 Years
4 Mr.S.Sathish Asst. Prof M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed On Probation
5 Mr.G.Senthil Kumar Lab Asst. M.A., 11 Years


Department Activities :

1.Field trips/ excursions:

The department organizes field trips relating to course work from time to time. It also takes electronics and communication science students on a study tour and industrial visit to observe field of higher learning, research activities in electronics and industrial production related to physics.


Students are given opportunities to take seminars from time to time for further personality development for their future career and also to attend the workshops, symposia, PPT presentation, debate etc., in related subjects organized in the college and elsewhere.