Women’s Counseling Centre

A committee consisting of all women members at one representation from each department forms the women’s counseling centre. Problems that women students alone are facing which could not be shared or spoken in public could be consulted and counseling obtained in this centre. A spacious room for stay of  women students has been provided with drinking water and toilet facility for the comfortable stay of women students. Further facilities for the women students during the period of hardship have also been made. Women students can comfortably take their lunch and take rest for a while in this centre. First aid facilities are also made for emergency need.



Committee has been established in the academic year  2012.


Committee Convener

Mrs.Uma Maheswari,Asst.Prof., & Head,Dept.of PB & BT   –  Convener
Mrs.Geetha Priya,Asst.Prof.,Dept.of Tamil                             – Convener
Dr.N.Sujatha,Asst.Prof., & Head,Dept.of B.Com(CS)            – Convener
Ms.K.Mugil,Asst.Prof.,Dept. of English                                   – Secretary


Committee Members

Mrs.R.Dhanalakshmi,Asst.Prof.,Dept. of Comp.,Sci.,
Mrs.AN.Thirunellai,Asst.Prof.,Dept. of Comp.,Sci.,
Mrs.S.Vijayachitra,Asst.Prof.,Dept. of Maths,
Mrs.S.R.Gomathy,Asst.Prof., & Head,Dept. of ECS
Ms.S.Jothi,Asst.Prof.,Dept. of Comp.,Sci.,
Mrs.N.S.Rekha ,Asst.Prof.,Dept. of B.Com(A/F)
Mrs.V.R.Lavanya,Asst.Prof.,Dept. of Chemistry
Ms.R.Durgadevi,Asst.Prof.,Dept. of B.Sc(ECS)
Ms.U.Monica,Asst.Prof.,Dept. of B.Com(A/F)
Mrs.K.Sonia,Asst.Prof.,Dept. of Chemistry
Mrs.Dharani,Asst.Prof.,Dept. of BBA
Ms.MargrathaMinu,Asst.Prof., Dept.of B.Com(CS)


Committee Activities

Gynaecological Awarness Programme
Pongal Day Celebration
Women Skill Development Programme